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We have all heard about extended battery cases for IOS devices. I first heard about this one last year when I was beta testing IOS5 and was having battery life problems. I had heard about this case's little brother, the Mophi Juice Pack Air, but was not interested due to its smaller capacity and the fact that it did not fully charge your phone. This one's price is slightly higher at $99 when I bought it. However, I could not be happier. This case has extended the battery life of my phone by as much as 13 hours. The battery built into the case is a monster and can handle most anything. If you want a screen protector, this is not the case for you as the screen is unprotected. Taking the phone out of the case is easy to do if you want to change to an Otterbox case. All one has to do is take the top half off. THe phone simply slides out. There is no belt clip. A switch on the lower left side of the case turns the case's battery on or off. If you choose to do so, you can run your phone's built-in battery down first, then use the Juice Pack to charge it back up again. I do not do it that way; I use the case battery first, then when it dies, the IPhone's battery kicks in. However, this happens very rarely. If you are a very heavy GPS user, like certain friends of mine who play Waze, this case is the best investment you will ever make. It makes your phone slightly bulkier but it is not much bigger. You will not be able to use your IPhone's cable or the dock connector on the bottom without first taking the phone out of the case. Mophi compensates for this by putting a micro USB port in the case. It will come with a cable when you purchase it. Unlike the Air, this one allows you to sync as well as charge. A small drawback is that you will not be able to tell, if you are totally blind, how much juice is in the case's battery. The IPhone will say that it is "on A/C power" until the battery is dead or, if charging, it will say the usual prompts. Overall, I highly recommend this case for anyone who is looking to double the battery life of an IPhone 4 or 4S. This is considered by many to be the best extended battery out there, and for good reason. I am always telling blind friends who complain about phones dying to "get a Mophi."

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Submitted by Justin Ekis on Thursday, February 23, 2012

I agree with most of this review. This case is excellent and well worth the money. I don't understand the comment about this not being the case for people who want a screen protector. I use the Speed Dots tactile screen protector and it fits just fine with the Juice Pack Plus. In fact, it holds the screen protector in place perfectly. I was using the same screen protector with my iPod Touch without a case and noticed that the edges would get loose and it would be easy to peal it off. Not so inside the Juice Pack Plus. Everything is perfect with this combination.

Submitted by Scott Davert on Thursday, February 23, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
I agree with the previous pposter regarding the screen protectors. I also have a Speeddots overlay and find that it fits well on the phone. In fact, it helps protect the screen from any scratches. I would also highly recommend this accessory to anyone wishing to extend battery life of their phone. I also like the micro USB connector, since you can buy one of these anywhere for a fraction of the cost that you would pay for an Apple specific charger.

Submitted by Chris Bruinenberg on Friday, February 24, 2012

Hi john. thanks for the great review, i currently have the mophie juice there a big difference tween the plus and the air? What are the differences between the air and plus other then size of battery? is the air that much lighter, on mophie's website they look to be the same size but they managed to fit a bigger battery in the plus. thanks for any help.

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hello, do someone of you encounter problems connecting and syncing his/her iPhone to iTunes while inserted into the juice pack? I mean, the iTunes program sees the device when it's just connected. Then, after a few minutes, it just disappears from devices list I do not have the problem with my iPhone 4s; my boyfriend has this trouble with iPhone4 and Windows machines. On his macbook pro, we tried yesterday, the connection is very very stable thanks for information

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

update: my boyfriend just told me his mac book pro, just did not detect the iPhone connected using mophie juice pack! He did not see it in the source list, on iTunes version 10.5.3 with osx lion 10.7.2. it happens with windows xp and itunes 10.5.3 too

Submitted by Bryan Jones on Thursday, March 1, 2012

I've owned the Mophie Juice Pack Plus for almost a year now and recently transferred it from my AT&T iPhone 4 to my ATT iPhone 4S.. The case and battery are both still holding up well. Below I will paste my thoughts as written in April 2011. These thoughts haven't changed much in the 11 months since that time.. In summary, I would say I like having the MJP+ battery but not the case that it's wrapped in. I'm glad to have the extra battery life because I consider my iPhone to be as important as my Guide Dog with regard to my safety and mobility. There are many times I am away from a charging source long enough to be concerned about battery life but the extra battery takes that concern away. On the down side the MJP+ case has ergonomics that don't fit me all that well. If I were to go through the process of choosing a battery or battery case again, I would probably lean toward just getting a battery. Here are 14 bullet points from my time spent with the MJP+: 1. As advertised, the MJP+ does essentially add a second full charge to my phone. 2. My initial impression upon receiving the MJP+ was that it was very large and added noticeably to the iphone's weight and size, but I realize that this is a fact of life when choosing to carry a battery pack and expected to become accustomed to it over time. While the weight and dimensions don't sound like much on paper, in my opinion the case adds enough bulk to the iphone 4 that I still notice this almost every time I use the phone. 3. The fit, finish and build quality seem to be very good. 4. The USB charge / sync cable is poorly located for single-handed use by this right-handed person because it plugs into the right side of the case, near the bottom edge, and sticks straight out into the spot where the joint of my palm and wrist would normally rest. This, of course, is only an issue when the cable is plugged in. 5. It is easy to insert and remove the phone from the case if desired. 6. The case redirects output from the iPhone 4's built-in speaker, aiming it out the front rather than the default behavior which aims the sound straight down out the bottom of the phone. While there are some instances when I find this to be helpful, most of the time I find myself wishing I had the option to keep the default speaker angle. If I lay the phone face down on a flat surface, as I often do to protect the screen while listening to streaming radio, podcasts, etc, the speaker is now blocked. If I carry the phone in a pants pocket while walking around I will normally aim the bottom of the phone upward so the speaker output is aimed at my head, but the MJP+ now aims the sound away from my head. 7. Like many cases that don't cover the screen, the MJP+ has a small lip around the edge of the screen that serves to add some protection when the phone is laid face-down on a flat surface. This lip also does a good job of defining the left and right edges of the touch screen without interfering with them. 8. This case feels like a fairly hard plastic and feels sturdy, but it is slippery when compared with my other case, the Speck PixelSkin HD. 9. This case does not seem to interfere in any way with the phone's buttons, proximity sensor, cameras, flash and ear & mouth pieces and has had no noticeable effects on call, data or GPS signal quality. 10. The size of the MJP+ makes it difficult for me to reach the top left quadrant of the screen when using the phone with a single hand as I normally do. I have large hands and long fingers and normally hold the phone in portrait orientation in the palm of my right hand and do the majority of my work with my right thumb, which can comfortably reach all parts of the screen when the phone is in the other case. 11. The MJP+ has 4 very bright white charge indicator lights along the bottom edge. These are normally off unless you press a button to check them or attach the case to the sync cable. When attached, the lights will flash while charging and will stay lit when the charge is complete. 12. The phone becomes noticeably warmer when the MJP+ has been switched on, but remains cool when the charger is turned off. 13. The headphone jack opening cut into the MJP+ is quite small. While it accommodates the stock Apple Earbuds, it is too small to allow larger headphone jack assemblies to fit. 14. The mute switch is buried a bit deeper in this case but is still easily manipulated. The Volume up / down buttons are covered by buttons built into the MJP+ case. They work just as well as the phone's original buttons. The Sleep / Wake button is covered by a button built into the MJP+ case. This button has a lower profile and doesn't seem to get accidentally pressed as often in my pocket as it does when in my Speck case. HTH, Bryan

Thank you for the 14 points about the jucepack. The last point, about the headphone jack, is no longer an issue though. My guess is that they have taken user feedback in to account, because the newer models of this device now have the headphone jack totally exposed. Instead of sliding over the top of the phone to lock it in place, the newer jucepack cases have a piece that slides over the bottom. I agree with all your other points 100%.

Submitted by Mello on Thursday, March 1, 2012

When I travel I have been using the New Trent Battery to keep my iPhone and other USB powered devices charged up. It has two USB ports so I can charge my iPhone and my Bluetooth headset at the same time. The battery is about the size of the iPhone 4, and turns on with the press of a button. If nothing is connected or the charge cycle is done the battery will turn off automatically. I found this product works quite well and I don’t have to replace my case or make my iPhone overly thick. I got my New Trent IMP70D from The AT Guys for $49.99.

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Thursday, March 1, 2012

don't know this backup battery. Is it similar to Proporta turbo charger 7000? I have a turbo charger 3400 too, but I find quite uncomfortable to be around with all those connectors I had another bought on called wrist charger, it looked like a watch to wear on the arm, and it had a mini-USB connection but the trouble is you depend on those connectors and wires! so, as I do not want the moon but I just need a battery, I have considered all advantages and limits, and my final conclusion is that mophie juice pack air is OK, for now. I do not have the plus model. as we say in my country we cannot have "the full bottle and the drunk wife", so, as there are no battery-cases that maintain the iPhone thin and light, Juice Pack is a good compromise! well: a question. what is the round small button who stays on the shortest side? I mean: on the left there is the switch to turn extra-battery on or off. from the switch, you follow with the finger the bottom side of the iPhone and you find a very small button. well my boyfriend pressed it yesterday and now it seems Juice Pack works correctly with iTunes! It seems, as, from today at 13:00 I did not hear anything from him so I suppose. bye!

Submitted by Chris Bruinenberg on Thursday, March 1, 2012

hi, the round button on the bottom of the juice pack is for showing how much battery is left in the case. it will light up four lights to show how much juice is left.

Submitted by Deng on Friday, March 2, 2012

Hi. I was also looking at the Mophie Juice-pack case for the iPhone 4/4s. Although I have never seen one in person, my brother in-law told me to not get that one. Instead, he told me to get the "PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case (White) for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S".
When I compared the 2 cases online, I went with the one he told me to get. I just recently ordered it and am waiting on it to get to me. He also has this same case, and it doesn't put too much of a bulk on the iPhone. There are some differences about this case that I saw when i was putting it on my iPhone 4.

  1. This case doesn't have speakers or much of an extension on the bottom of the device like the MJP. So, there are wholes for the speaker and mic on the bottom of the iPhone.
  2. Like the MJP, it has 2 parts to the case, but the top part of the case has wholes for the buttons instead of builtIn buttons like the MJP. For the volume and mute switch, there is a long cutout on the left of the top part of the case, so this case is good for all AT&T, Sprint and Verizon iPhones.
  3. The whole for the Headphone jack is larger, so that it fits more larger headphone jacks.
  4. He said that the battery is bigger than the one in the MJP, but I am not too sure on that one yet.
  5. The Elite case doesn't really have a lip around the screen like the MJP, but i am ok with that.
  6. The Elite's switch switches towards you to turn the case on, while i think that the MJP's switch goes left to right to activate the case.

Some similarities that i found when looking at my brother in-laws Elite case was that both cases use a Micro-USB to charge the case. They both also have lights telling you how much battery the case has left until you need to charge it.
I will probably post up a review on the case when I receive it in the mail.
If you guys want to see the case, i will put up a link to it on Amazon. I got it for basically $80.

PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case (White) for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Submitted by SSWFTW on Saturday, June 13, 2015

I know this post is from a few years ago but has anyone had experience with the 6+ juice pack If so opinions?

Submitted by jcdjmac (not verified) on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hey guys, I will be receiving the MJP air for my iphone 5s! not only that, but it will also work with the iPhone se as well, so if I ever decide to switch to an iphone se, I wont haf to purchase a new case, I will just stick with the current case. My brother orderd the case for me on sadurday, which was going to be my birthday gift, but he has been busy that he has forgot. but on sadurday he called me to let me know that the case has been ordered through bestbuy. I cannot wait!

Submitted by Lorelei on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

So I know the post asking about this case with the 6S was from a while ago, but I have relevant feedback, so I figured why not. I got to see one while at the Apple Store a few months ago, and I was not impressed. It was nearly impossible to put on my phone, and the salesperson told me the battery level wouldn't appear in the notification center the way the Apple charging case does. If anyone cares, I went with the Apple case because it felt safer when changing cases, even though the phone has stayed in that case since I got it in the mail.

Submitted by jcdjmac (not verified) on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hi guys,
I finally received the MJP air case and I couldn't be more happyer. Unlike the plus, the air does not allow you to sync/charge, but I will be moving over to an iPod nano 7th Generation to store all of my music. The best part about the iPod nano 7th Generation that I will finally love, is something that I've been waiting to do in a while, and that is to connect to a bluetooth speaker/hedphones, such as the Shado Wireless, and the Auvio PBT-500 bluetooth speaker! More on that later in a future post. anyways, My phone will now be used for social networking apps, such as Zello, Tweetings for Twitter, Etc. The battery pack is a monster. I'm running the cases battery pack down first, then once it dies, The iPhone's battery will kick in. I will also be purchasing a screen protector, as the case did not come with a screen protecter. Overall, I love this case!