Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Desktop Speakers


5 Stars


One of the many fun things about being blind is reading about a product and saying to myself, oh that sounds cool, and then thinking, well will I be able to work it. Yes, it’s great to have to think about that last part every time I buy something. I recently set out to buy a new pair of Bluetooth desktop speakers. I wasn’t sure if I wanted Bluetooth or Air Play speakers, all I knew is I wanted something that sounded great, and cost under $100. I settled on the Logitech Z600, and after using them for two weeks, I feel I made a great choice. The Logitech Z600 speakers sound fantastic. These speakers can be paired with multiple devices, and work with pretty much anything that has bluetooth. I have easily paired the Z600 with my iMac and my iPhone. Of course, you don’t always want to have your iPhone paired with bluetooth speakers, and unpairing and repairing the speakers is very simple. I would highly suggest the Logitech Z600 to anyone looking to purchase a great speaker set for under $100. One of the nice things about these speakers is the lack of buttons. There is a power button and a bluetooth pairing button and that is it. There is no subwoofer, and the speakers easily connect to each other and a power cord. I successfully paired the speakers on my first try. To adjust the volume you have a touch sensitive pad on the top of the right speaker, so adjusting the volume is as simple as just spinning your finger on the top of the right speaker. It reminds me of the wheel on the original iPods. The only negative and it might not be the speakers but rather my iMac, is I do seem to lose Bluetooth connectivity fairly often. I don’t lose connectivity while playing music, but rather some times when I put my iMac asleep I have to reconnect the speakers through the Bluetooth menu. These speakers sound great playing music and listening to audio described movies. While the main stream reviews claim these speakers crack at high levels when playing bass music, I have yet to notice it. I have really jammed these speakers pretty loud and the sound fills an entire apartment very well, and if you have annoying neighbors, they will definitely hear the sound coming from these speakers. Another great thing about the Z600 is they are a cylinder shape, so they will not take up a lot of space on your desk, as they take up more room vertically than horizontally. They have a very nice aesthetic design. You can find the Logitech Z600 at Amazon or pretty much any other major retailer.

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