Logitech UE Mobile Boombox


5 Stars


This is a much smaller, cheaper version of the Logitech UE Boombox. Logitech and UE partnered to create both of these products and they are both great for different things. The Mobile boombox is tiny, small enough to keep in a purse or backpack. By its size, you would think it would not have the best sound quality, but the quality of the sound on this thing is impressive. Of course it is not going to shake the entire room with bass, but it sure did shake the coffee table. Unlike the Jawbone models I've tested out, you can turn this one up and it will not overdrive much, if at all. On the back of the unit is a charging port where you can charge it with a micro USB cable, a line-in port for a 3.5mm male to male cable so you can use it with things that do not have Bluetooth capability, and a switch to turn the unit on. On the top of the unit are 3 buttons which are all tactilly marked. There is a minus sign for volume down, a round circle for Bluetooth pairing, and a plus sign for volume up. These buttons really flow into each other so the unit is very flat on top, but in between each button is a line that separates them, you just have to feel for it. I took this little baby with me to guide dog school because I can't sleep at night without something playing, whether it be a movie, a book, a TV show, or music. This speaker was perfect! I even took it to the bathroom with me so I could listen to music in the shower, hahaha. It produced sound quality that was good enough for the situation an dgreat for the tiny size of this speaker. The other cool things about this speaker are that it charges via USB and even comes with a wall charger, and that it has a built-in microphone so you can use it as a speaker phone if you desire. Although the Logitech UE Boombox sounds better because it's so much bigger, this one is so portable and doesn't sound bad either, so they can both be of great use in different situations. I like to keep them both around. This little thing is perfect if I'm staying overnight somewhere and don't have room in my overnight bag for the big one. I love it.

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Submitted by Luna on Monday, July 14, 2014

I have the iPad mini case with the Bluetooth keyboard that is made by them. It is really good. It keeps up to a lot of wear and tear.

Submitted by Alan W on Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What I mean by my subject line is would it work well, in a city setting to play music through while walking? I have a playlist on my phone for keeping me motivated while walking, but don't want to use the earphones that came with my iPhone 5s for obvious mobility reasons. Any thoughts?

Submitted by Shelley on Saturday, July 11, 2015

I bought this based on the review and find it every bit as good as was claimed. I really enjoyed the mobility and that was a strong selling point. I want something to fit into my overnight bag and something that I can transport easily. The sound quality is quite good and even though it is less on the base I do not mind that because I am not looking for that. This is perfect and plays all the music on my device quite nicely. I didn't mind paying the Price of $123 including tax or rounding it up to the highest number. It is well worth the money. It was easy to locate the switches. I look forward to many hours of enjoyment. I like to stream the baseball games and find it nice that I do not need to take the phone with me into each room of the house. This speaker puts out an amazing amount of sound which can be heard easily throughout my entire house.