Logitech UE Boombox


5 Stars


This is the best Bluetooth speaker I have ever heard for the price. It sells fo ranywhere between $150 and $200, but it's worth it. The speaker has amazing sound quality and is easy to travel with. It has a thick, sturdy built-in handle for carrying it around, you can tell it's made for taking places or using outside. The whole speaker is made of sturdy metal except for the bottom and sides which are made of a hard rubber so that it doesn't slide or get tipped over easy. The bass this thing puts out is amazing as well. On the left side is a Bluetooth pairing button, an on/off switch, and a line-in port for a 3.5mm male to male adapter so that you can connect it to anything, even if it does not have Bluetooth capabilities. I use the Auxilary cord more often than I do the Bluetooth just because it uses less battery and lags less with voiceover. On the right side of the unit is a great big rocker button for volume. There is a plus side for up and a minus sign for down that are very easy to feel. I would recommend this speaker to anyone who travels a lot but is in need of something with excellent sound quality. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the actual product page for this speaker but I found it on Amazon, so I could provide that link. There are also lots of reviews on this product if you search for it, it's a pretty popular and highly rated speaker from what I can tell, without breaking the bank completely.

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