Lodgitech canvas keyboard case for ipad mini

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This is a case for the ipad mini which comes with a built in Bluetooth keyboard.

The case opens like a book. The top part of the case houses the ipad mini while the bottom of the case is the built in keyboard. The ipad mini sits securely inside the top of the case. All buttons and ports are uncovered and visible. There are two magnets on the bottom of the cradle which allows the ipad to sit upright for typing. The case holds the ipad in landscape mode like a laptop. The case can also fold back to allow the ipad mini to sit flat on top of the built in keyboard.

The keyboard itself has butterfly style keys, which make for a very comfortable typing experience. The keys are well spaced with the F, J and A keys being marked which helps with orientation if you weren't fully confident with typing on a keyboard.

The only down side is that the home button is directly beside the space bar so can sometimes be pressed accidentally. Once you are used to this though, it does not present a problem.

The current model i am using comes with a USB cable for charging, however the model i have linked to says it comes with batteries.

The keyboard case is a little pricey at £69.95, but is well worth it in my oppinion.

Over all this is a brilliant product. It fits nicely in to a bag and does not mean you need to bring multiple devices with you.


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