Line 6 Mobile In Audio Interface for iOS

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The Line6 Mobile In Continues the jaw dropping concept of all this? from your pocket? though it's outer casing is made of plastic, it feels pretty stirty. About the size and feel of a Compact Flash CF Card Case, it has two 8th inch input jacks: (Stereo Line in, and instrument level) on the front, and a doc connector on the rear. It's long enough to plug into a device even in an otterbox style case. It comes with a cable which converts from 8th inch to quarter inch, which is good, because I was quite confused when I pulled the unit alone out of the box, knowing that it's primary use is for guitarests running electric guitars directly into an IDevice. The Pros: The first thing that wowed me as a Voiceover user, was finding that it doesn't present itself as both an input, and output device, this means that all audio continues to output through the IDevices speaker when the Mobile In is plugged in. The audio quality through the Stereo line in jack seams quite good, not a large noise floor, and it doesn't clip easy when feeding a loud signal through it. It makes plugging virtualy any anilogue device into your phone possible. Forget halling a computer to digitise audio. If you've got the proper app, you can do just about anything. It doesn't drain the IDevices battery much at all, exseptionally less, than does the Tascam IM2. Cons: No actual quarter inch jack for running instrument with standard patch cable. WILL NOT! WORK WITH IPOD TOUCH 4TH GENERATION! The casing of the Mobile In fits flesh with the metal casing on IPod touch and will not allow the connector to make contact. Uses: I ran my SP Master series mics into the Line In, and did some recording, sounding quite good, with a little noise, but not as much as I expected. Of course I had to feed them external power. I Icecasted music directly from my IPhone, by looping from the Headphones jack, to the Line Input on the Mobile In. I am sure we can think of loads more ways to use this gaget, that stretches what it's intended to do. Create a multi track mix with fully micked drums from a Mixing concel! Record digital audio from your Keyboard! Digitise Vinals, Tapes and other media! theirs just a few. The presets within the Mobile Pod app that was created for the Mobile In, seams fairly accessible, and even though I don't have an Electric guitar with me, my screams sounded all the more metal and dark through it with it's wide spacial stereo delays, thick verbs, spinning lesleys, and heavy gains. I can't wait to jack in my Strat at some point! I really love the inivation of Line6, and at this point I feel they have released yet another solid product.

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Submitted by JC on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I have a few questions: can you use both a line in source and microphone all at once? if yes, what types of microphones will it work with? and finally, for newer iPhones, you can purchase the apple lightning to 30 pin adaptor, so if you connect it to the adaptor to newer iPhones, will it work?