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I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6 with Verizon. I told the store representative I wanted to also upgrade my Otterbox Defender. I had tried a LifeProof case with a previous model and did not particularly like it. He was so insistent that vast improvements had been made that he finally talked me into paying $99.00 for the latest and greatest LifeProof case. This model allows direct contact with the front surface of the phone, which does make it easier to do Voiceover gestures. The case also has a screw that goes into the headphone jack when not in use, and the screw is attached by a plastic strip so it cannot be lost; that's an improvement over a previous model of the case.
The case is certainly thinner than an Otterbox, and that is a plus.
Now I'd like to list what I dislike about the new case and why I have gone back to using an Otterbox Defender.
LifeProof does not protect the front glass surface of the phone, in spite of what the sales rep told me.
The sound of VoiceOver and anything else played through the phone's speaker is distorted and muffled. I found that opening the little door where the Lightning connector plugs in helps some, but it's still muffled.
It is necessary to have a special little adapter cable connected between the headset plug and the phone. The other end of the adapter screws into the case for a water-tight connection.
While I like the idea of a waterproof case, all of the other factors outweigh the advantages of that for me.
Contrary to what the salesman told me, I am not convinced the LifeProof case protects the phone as well as the thicker Otterbox Defender. I am more likely to drop the phone on a cement floor than I am to immerse it in water, so I feel the need of more shock protection.

I feel the LifeProof case is vastly over-priced and vastly over-rated. I was foolish for allowing the salesman to talk me into purchasing one.

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Submitted by Jeff on Sunday, August 9, 2015

I, too, was "persuaded" by an over-enthusiastic sales rep at the Verizon store to get the LifeProof case for my iPhone 6. Like Jerry reported, the audio was muffled which seriously annoyed me. Also, I often use headphones and having to unscrew the plug and use an adaptor was simply not an option for me. Plus, I really had no need for the water proof case. Thankfully, Verizon has a 2 week return policy, so I returned the case and chose a different option for considerably less money. I agree the LifeProof case is vastly overpriced.

Submitted by Jordan on Thursday, August 13, 2015

Doesn't sound like they made any improvements since I tried one with an iPhone 5. I am planning on sticking with Otterbox since all of the ones I have had have been great.

Submitted by Jon J on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

wow, you guys will spend almost 100 dollars to buy a case? that is really expensive. Maybe could you let me know what skills the sales used? ^*^