LG Tone Pro HBS-750 Bluetooth Headset

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This is a very unique Bluetooth headset. It is somewhat hard to explain, the best thing is to go to a store and ask them to open a box and show it to you, but I will try my best to describe it.
This is a very light-weight piece of technology that goes around the back of your neck and sits on your shoulders. Earbuds are magnetically attached to the main neck piece by sliding them into cylindrical holes at each end of the unit. Small, thin, but durably attached cords connect the earbuds to the main unit so that when they are detatched from the magnets, they can dangle or whatever without getting lost. The unit rests on your shoulders, and whenever you feel like using it to listen to music, a phone call, etc. you can pull out an earbud or 2 and go. The really cool thing about this headset is that when you get a call, the left portion of the neck piece vibrates. So even if you don't have an earbud in your ear, you are still aware when a call is coming through. Buttons on the unit allow you to use Siri, answer or reject a call, play music, control volume, and skip to the previous or next track. There are 6 buttons in all, 3 on each side of the neck piece, not including the power switch. The power switch is very small and it is on the inner side of the unit, the side closest to your neck. This way, it is impossible for it to accidentally get turned off when you're using it, or on if it's shoved in a bag or something. The battery life on this thing, it says, is 15 hours for talking or 10 hours for music, and standby time is 360 hours or something like that. Unfortunately, one thing I notice when leaving this headset on and using it whenever I need to is that it runs my iPhone's battery dead very fast. I feel it's worth it though, because it's really nice to have something readily available but not having to keep earphones in your ears constantly. Also, the unit is so light that I kept looking for it all over the place trying to find it in my purse and in my lap, and eventually I figured out I was wearing it. I didn't even know it was there. The back of the unit is just a wire, it's thick and durable but it's just a wire. Each side is plastic and has all the controls. CNet describes it better so I'll be posting a link to their review of the product as well. There are 3 equalizer settings with this headset. There is normal, bass boost, and treble boost. I thought they would be a joke, but I tried messing with them and they're pretty cool. The sound quality of voiceover, music, and calls is great. As with all Bluetooth speakers/headsets I've used, there is some lag, but it's not terrible and the sound is great. An online manual for this product does not exist at the time of this writing, but I emailed LG customer support and they sent me an accessible PDF version within an hour or 2, and it was a Saturday! Great customer service on their part. If anyone needs the manual, mention me on twitter at @MissAnonymous94 or leave a comment and I'll be glad to send it to you.
This is the CNet review I was talking about. It is a review for a previous version of this headset, but the way the design is described is nice so here it is.
I only paid $75 for mine at Best Buy, I think you can get it cheaper on Amazon. Not a bad price compared to some I've seen. As a last note, the only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because of how fast it drained my phone's battery. This isn't really the headset's fault though I don't think, that's just Bluetooth for you. However it is a negative experience with the product so I thought I would give it 4 stars. If 4.5 stars was an option I'd choose that. I really do love the design and sound quality of this headset.

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Submitted by Allan on Friday, September 25, 2015

hi. aren't you getting some sort of delay when you use voice over with your bluetooth headset? cause i wonder if it's only my cheep bluetooth device is like that. thanks.