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The KMASHI 20000 Portable Charger is a battery pack which supports a standard Developed by Qualcomm called Quick Charge 3.0, explained very well in <a href=""&gt; this article</a> This is a new type of technology, first brought out last fall. There are claims that compatible devices can be charged up to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes.
The KMASHI 20000 Portable Charger measures 6.3 inches long by 3.94 inches wide by 0.3 inches thick. TO put that in terms of how other devices compare, it's slightly shorter, about as thick, and as wide as an iPad Mini. This battery charger is constructed of metal, unlike many on the market which are made of plastic. All of the ports you will need are on the front of the battery charger. With the front edge facing you, from left to right you have a micro USB port to charge the battery itself, 2 USB ports, and a button for turning the device on to begin charging.
Up to 80% in half an hour, really?
Yes, the claims appear to be true from what I could gather in charging a Galaxy s7, which supports the Quick Charge standard noted above. Unfortunately, even the latest iPhones do not support this standard, and since I'm more heavily invested in the iOS environment, I am not able to take advantage of the newer charging technology. This isn't a shortcoming of the product though, rather, a failure on Apple's part to keep up with the latest charging technology in their devices. The only criticism I would offer KMASHI is that the device description on Amazon doesn't make it clear that iOS devices do not support this technology, but it does note that it works with the iPhone. In the description, though, they note that it's only compatible with supported devices. Those of us who keep up with the trends in technology may be in the know regarding Quick Charge not being included on the iPhone, but I'm not certain the average customer would be aware.
SO How Does it Work on iOS?
When compared to other devices on the market, I found that the KMASHI 20000 Portable Charger gives me back battery life about as fast as other newer chargers on the market by Anker. The prices are nearly comparable on Amazon, with the Anker 20100 version costing $39.99. For the smaller price, you get a device constructed of high quality plastic that weighs 2 ounces less, but doesn't support the Quick Charge standard. If you use iDevices only, that may not be a concern to you. Anker does have a 20000 MAH external charger which supports Quick Charge 3.0, but it is currently selling for $44.97 at the time of writing. With regard to the number of times you can charge each device, this is also standard for this capacity of battery charger. It also takes about 14 hours to charge the device itself, though with the Quick Charge adapter, it seems to cut this time in half. One thing I found when comparing this to other external battery chargers is that the others all tend to get slightly warm, whereas, the KMASHI product does not. It's also worth noting, though I don't see this as a draw-back, that you have to press the above mentioned button to begin charging your devices once they're plugged in. Other similar products on the market do not require this extra step.
If you are someone who likes the feel of a well built product, you may enjoy the KMASHI 20000 Portable Charger more than others on the market. It's thinner and just feels more rugged to the touch. Also, if your devices are compatible with the Quick Charge standard developed by Qualcomm, such as the latest Samsung products, you will certainly have the ability to charge your devices faster than with the Anker charger. It's worth considering for sure, even if you don't have Quick Charge capabilities, as it seems to perform just as well as other external chargers I've tested. It's a strong contender in its market, which is very crowded with lots of different options at similar price points.

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