JETech Milanese Loop for Apple Watch

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This third-party Apple Watch band currently sells for less than $20, a fraction of the price of Apple's own offering. It is available from Amazon or at . It comes in black and silver, like the Apple one, but it also comes in rose gold. Like the original from Apple, it consists of a single, flexible, lightweight mesh band with a clip at one end and a magnetic tab at the other. A metal clip slides freely along the length of the band. The band is designed so that the metal clip cannot accidentally slip off either end of the band. To attach the band to the watch, the two metal clips are inserted into the two slots on the sides of the watch, and the watch then can be slid over the hand. Then the free end of the band can then be simply pulled to fit the band to the desired length. The magnet on this clasp is strong, and I have not had any problems with the band slipping. So far, the watch has stayed firmly in place with this band, and I haven't had problems with having to adjust it constantly as with some of the other band types. Once I have adjusted the band, the watch feels very comfortable, and it never feels heavy or becomes sweaty. The feel of the mesh is difficult to describe, like a towel made of flexible metal. The band looks and feels very dressy, but it is also appropriate for everyday wear. This is how I might imagine Bilbo Baggins' chainmail shirt to feel. I have not done a side-by-side comparison with the Apple Milanese Loop, but the JETech band is 2 inches wide while the Apple version is only 1.5. This makes the Apple one considerably slimmer by a full half inch, but I still do not feel it is too heavy and bulky, even for this girlie girl. The JETech band is approximately the same length as the Apple band. One Amazon customer reviewer reported that she had an allergic reaction to the band, even though the manufacturer states that it contains no nickel. Neither the Apple nor the JETech Milanese Loop band is waterproof. I have tried wearing the Apple watch with other types of bands, and have not liked any of them as much as this band. I have tried a nylon band, which is very attractive and surprisingly light-weight, but I find that the holes are all either too loose or too tight, and the watch tends to slip around too much, forcing me to make small adjustments all day, so that sometimes I just take off the Apple watch in frustration and go back to my trusty Braille one. The nylon band is also a little small for those of us of a certain size. Although the sport band is not as uncomfortable as I would have expected it to be, given that it is made of rubber, I still find it heavy, inflexible, and cumbersome, and it tends to get sweaty if I wear it for a long time. I thought that the Milanese Loop would remain completely out of my league until I discovered these JETech bands. I purchased both the silver and black for my black watch and couldn't be more pleased, especially for the price. I hesitated for a long time on buying third party bands. This one made it possible for me to get the kind of band I really wanted without breaking the bank.

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