JBL E50BT Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

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today, i would like to share with you in my experience of my new bluetooth headset i bought yesterday.
I want to the stora" in older to choose my self bleutooth headset. i choosed jbl e50.
the bluetooth headset is little big
visual discription: this bleutooth headset is arch headset, in color rad, wite and black.
this is over ear, with adjustable by the head or by your convinyent and very comftable to over time.
the thing that was importont to me to check if there are dilay or anny lugs using VoiceOver.
a to my hempyness it wasn't there. the lug isn't filt. to my nolagee expierience of the sound
the sound of my expepence is amazing there are accentuation of bass and trabel it was experience.
Technical data:
bleutooth 3.0, driver type, 40 milimeters, mic 2 khz up 1 khz, audio ccabl5 conect with another producsts. battry,708 mha, up 18 houers of playing music, and 24 houers of speak
if do you have questions or comment, let me know.

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