Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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This is a rechargeable bluetooth speaker for iOS devices. It's very small, it's about 6 inches long, give or take. The pairing process is very simple, you just flip the switch on the right side of the unit and hold it. It gives spoken feedback to tell you it's in pairing mode. In the box, it comes with a 6-foot mini usb connector cable which connects the unit to the computer or to the included AC-usb piece. There's also a flimsy-looking auxiliary in cable that comes with the speaker to attach non-bluetooth devices, but so far, my cable has held up for almost a year. It has such good sound for the small package, it definitely fills a small-medium room with sound. Not only does it have audible feedback for the pairing status, but it has spoken feedback for the battery status, power on and off, and the speaker phone functions. The jambox also functions as a speaker phone, which is okay, but I don't have much experience with it, since I never really use speaker phone. The only downside to this nifty little speaker is that the my talk websie isn't very accessible with screenreaders. The my talk website has the software updates and such, so I guess it's not an absolute necessity, I've heard there's a way to use my talk with the JAWS cursor, but since I use a mac, I haven't had a chance to try it. Over all, the Jawbone Jambox is a great little speaker, but the lack of accessibility on the my talk site gives it 4 stars.

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