Jabra Street2 bluetooth headset

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This accessory is a small remote control which can be used to transform wired headsets in wireless ones. It doesn't of course eliminate cables. But this small rectangular object has a 3.5 mm jack on its side, so, traditional headphones or headsets can be attached there, even older headphones with no microphone in them, and you have a complete set including: - a multi-use rectangular key which works as on/off/pairing, siri activation, answer/reject/redial call. This button has a small phone receiver printed over it, so it can be easily distinguished touching it with fingers; - a pair of square buttons one with plus and one with minus on them, they increase and decrease volume; - another 2 square buttons, needed to skip music tracks. next and previous. They work with the native iPhone music app, but also spotify seems to skip tracks from remote control; - the play/pause big rectangular button; - a microphone. it is needed to interact with calls and voice control (siri) As the buttons are very easy to distinguish, and there are acoustic signals indicating if it's on or off and if battery is low or high, this tool really seems made for the blind. The only fact to consider, is that the accessory must be connected with a 3,5 mm jacked headphone, otherwise you do not hear any acoustic signal. What's the sense of having a wired headphone if it's only half wireless? a bluetooth headset is better. True, but this is a remote control, it does not perform just headset tasks! You can keep iPhone on the pocket or iPad on the bag, and having this remote control, hanging from your neck, while you are wearing headphones. It can be useful for example while in a train. you can have your headphones on, and read a book or audiobook always keeping your iPhone hidden inside your bag. Advantages: - jabra street2 is easy to use by a blind person - siri compatibility - easy to use remote control - mini USB charging mode. A wall charger is included in the box, but it can be charged via any mini USB computer cable (no USB-only cable is included in the box) - integrated microphone to receive and make calls - having music controls independent from the device used - updateable firmware - easy pairing - standard 3,5 mm jack for audio source disadvantages - sometimes it seems to slow down the device, to make iPhone4s or iPad less responsive while using voiceover - when trying to use it with 2 devices contemporarily (this feature is documented), both devices are very very slow and it's difficult to use them - it does not work with skype. Skype does not seem to recognize the bluetooth headset. when you open skype voiceover still talks through bluetooth accessory, but when you perform a voice call, voiceover and the call's input/output are automatically transferred to the device's speaker.

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