iCanonic Elite Rechargeable Extended iPhone 5 Battery Case

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This case is specifically for the iPhone 5. It doubles as a case and as an external battery pack. On the plus side, I purchased the case for $49 on Amazon, and works as advertized. That's $30 cheaper than the Mophie JucePack air with the same MAH rating of 2000 Mah, and it looks very similar. With the iPhone 5 of course, you have the headphone jack at the bottom along with the lightning connector. You can pull the bottom off the case so that you can have access to the headphone jack as you normally would, and this is both a good and bad thing. Good because it offers more flexibility, but potentially bad because it's easy to lose. The top of the case also comes off, and this is specifically for removing the phone. All other ports are usable, and there is a slot open on the back for the camera. Also like the Mophie products, the unit takes the speaker and routes the sound to the front of it instead of it coming out of the bottom. Finally, just like the Mophie, there is a micro USB plug which charges both your phone and the case, thus eliminating the need for that annoying proprietary lightning connector. The one difference between this case and the Mophie beyond the price is that there is a button on the back which you press and hold in for 4 or 5 seconds to activate the battery in the case instead of a switch. A user with no vision can't easily tell whether the unit is on or off unless they go into the status bar of the phone and see whether the internal battery is charging or not. The Mophie did allow you to know very easily whether it was on or off based on the positioning of the switch. However, since I saved $30, that small inconvenience is more than worth it to me.

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Submitted by rdfreak on Thursday, March 14, 2013

So what material is the case made out of? And how thick does this make the phone? I've never had a battery/case for any of my IOS devices. What's the brand that makes the thinnest case? And also what about the weight? is there a big difference?