The HipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm for Keeping Track of your iOS Device

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If you are the sort of person who puts their iPhone down and can't locate it, or you live alone and would like something uncomplicated to use as an extra security measure, then consider HipKey.  Here's why! HipKey is a small gadget you can pair with your iPhone using Bluetooth that will emit an alarm if you become separated from your device.  Using the free HipKey app that you download from the App Store to your iPhone, you can configure HipKey to work within a specified radius.  You can also use HipKey's Motion Sensor to alert you of any movement when the HipKey is, for example, hung on a door handle. 

Box Contents

The box contains the HipKey and Micro USB cable.  A wall plug for charging is not supplied, but a universal USB mains charger will suffice, or you can purchase one from any good electrical retailer.  You will also need to download the HipKey app from the App Store in order to use the device.  The app works with iPhone 4S or later, iPad third generation or later, and iPad Mini.  Its dimensions are: 0.7cm wide, and 5cm in diameter. 

Getting Started

The HipKey is a small circular object with a piece cut out of it.  Hold the HipKey with the missing piece of the circle pointing to the right, so that the small USB socket is at the bottom edge nearest you.  Inside the cut out piece of the circle are two buttons: the top one is to power HipKey on and off.  The button below this is to Activate HipKey.  There is a small speaker grill below this. Plug the small end of the USB lead into the HipKey and charge it for approximately four hours.  Once you have the app downloaded onto your iPhone, and the HipKey fully charged, you are ready to start using it. On your iPhone, make sure Bluetooth is turned on.  To do this, go into Settings, and Bluetooth.  Double-Tap the Bluetooth button if it is not already turned on. Now turn on HipKey by holding down the power button on the device for approximately three seconds or until you hear it emit a beep.  Launch the app, and you should very soon hear VoiceOver announce that HipKey is connected.  You will also be informed of the battery status of the HipKey. You can now start experimenting with the device. There are three variations to use: Alarm, Motion Sensor, and Child Sensor.  You can adjust the volume level of the alarm function, and you can designate the zone in which the alarm activates if you and your iPhone become separated from within a few feet to approximately 30 metres.  Remember though that conditions such as buildings, the human body and other factors should be considered when setting up your zone.  For example, it is not recommended that you have your iPhone and HipKey in close proximity to one another. The HipKey alarm goes up to 90 decibels.  The alarm function can be adjusted from within the app for both the HipKey and your iOS device.  Its built-in rechargeable battery provides up to three weeks use, depending on temperature and usage. 

Conclusion & Pricing

For the price, I feel this is an expensive gadget that I would be very unlikely to use.  Having said that, however, if you are someone who would feel comfortable with the extra security of knowing where your iPhone is at all times, then HipKey might be great value for money. You can link it to more than one device, such as an iPad, and the app is VoiceOver compatible apart from the help guides within the app.  You can use it as simply a locating tool, for example, attaching it to your cane or keys. HipKey currently costs £58.29 from Amazon in the UK, or $59.95 from the US Apple Store.

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Submitted by KE7ZUM on Friday, February 7, 2014

It sounds interesting, although the price kind of shrugs me off. 59 dollars us for that? I would expect like 30 and I would pay that as I loose my phone all the time. lol! good job on the review. Take care.