COULAX CX04 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Earbuds

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This product is called the Coulax CX04, a comfortable device that you like a necklace with half of the necklace cut off, if you get what I'm saying.
It is a small, round band that fits comfortably on your neck, and the magnetic ear buds stick to its sides so they don't whack you while you are running, doing fitness, etc.
Once you take them out, you fit them right into your ears. If you are not a fan of ear buds this might not be a good choice.
The on/off switch is on the inner left side of the device. Simply slide it in one of the two positions.
On the outer left side, there are two buttons that would look like the volume on your apple device. These buttons are the next and previous buttons. I've found this to work great with things that operate in Control Center, such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, BARD Mobile, etc.
The next and previous buttons are able to operate the volume. Press Previous and hold it in to decrease the volume, and press the next button and hold it in to increase the volume.

On the rim of the device still on the left side you will find a smooth, rectangular like silver button. This is the play/pause, or answer/decline call button.
I haven't found this to work, but it may only be compatible with some devices, like an iPhone with calling capabilities.
The button also acts like a re-dial number button if pressed twice quickly. You will feel the left part of the band vibrate. It also acts like a disconnect button or pair button if pressed and held for 3 seconds.
On the inner right side is the charging port. You won't be needing to charge it if rarely in use. Simply insert the small end into the port, and you can use your Apple USB plug to plug it in.

When the device is turned on, it will output speech. It also tells you when battery is low, when it has connected to a device, when it is at maximum and minimum volume, etc. The battery level can also be found in the status bar when connected to your apple device, or via Notification Center with the Batteries widget.
The price of this is $21 in US currency on Amazon. Free shipping is available.
When you are done, slide the switch on the inner left side to the off position, and move the ear buds toward the sides of the device. The magnets will stick and the ear buds will remain there until the next time you use them.
Have fun with your headphones! :)

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