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The Brailliant 32, which is the smallest in a line of 3 new displays from Humanware works well with iDevices running iOS 5.1 and later. This review pertains specifically to the 32 cell model, though the operation on the 40 and 80 cell models should be similar. It's a very sleek design for a 32 cell model display, but the sleeve it comes with for carrying around does not seem to work well for portable use. Pairing: Pairing the new Brailliant displays with your iDevice is very simple. Unlike some other models on the market, the Brailliant displays do not require a pin code for authentication. When you go in to settings/general/accessibility/ VoiceOver/Braille and have the Brailliant ready to pair, double tapping this display brings up a prompt from the iDevice asking you to simply confirm that you would like to pair with this braille display. Answering "ok", to this will commence the pairing process. Inputting text with the braille keyboard: While typing on the keyboard is comfortable enough, I found that the spacebar located underneath both the keyboard and display was not quite so comfortable to type on. Perhaps it's because I'm used to typing on devices where the spacebar is quite a bit closer, but I was unable to get used to inputting text quickly with the Brailliant's keyboard. Another unique function of this display is that it has a user replaceable battery. If you maintain your display well and order the replaceable battery, you may not have to have this display serviced for a long time. To my knowledge, this is the first braille display that has a user replaceable battery. True, some notetakers have this feature, but no displays that I know of has this. Overall, I like this device for use with iOS products. It's a nice design aside from the placement of the spacebar, and I really enjoy the simplicity of paring the Brailliant with iDevices. TO conclude, I feel that this is a decent display, but that the keyboard is not to my liking. You may not find this to be the case for your needs. I would highly recommend checking out any display before you purchase it, if at all possible, as its a significant investment of money. I am giving this display 3 stars, as the case it comes with it is not very nice compared with other displays, and because I, personally, do not find the keyboard comfortable to type on.

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Submitted by Kelsey Nicolay on Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hi Scott,
I agree with you on the spacebar annoyance. However, I have found that is you turn your thumb on its side, it is slightly easier to reach the spacebar. Try that and let me know if this helps.

Submitted by Keith Bundy on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I am running a Brailliant BI 40 and have recently updated to IOS 10. It seems like my bluetooth connection is all-too-easily disrupted, and I have to reset the Brailliant to get it back. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

My Brailliant is less than three months old and seems to be fine with my computer for bluetooth connection. So I am thinking it could be something with IOS. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Submitted by Kelsey Nicolay on Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hi Keith, yes, ever since Ios 10.2, I've had the exact same issue you describe. I've had to un-pair and re-pair my Brailliant Bi 32 twice now. It has net gotten much better with 10.3 and from how Humanware and Apple is handling things, it doesn't appear that it will be fixed anytime soon. It's frustrating when you really need the display to perform for you and it takes a while to connect or chooses not to at all.

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