BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case For iPhone 5/5s

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The iphone fits nice and snuggly in to the Boxwave Buddy case so you don't have to worry about it sliding out. The keyboard keys feel nice under the fingers but theey are kind of small. You can feel the buttons well. The bad things are that the keyboard will double type meaning you have multiple letters. You have to type slowish to make sure that you won't have to correct lots of mistakes but it can still double type. If you are somewhere where it's hard to get signal the keyboard will stop doing anything which isn't good if you're not that confident using the touch screen to type. The iphone may still have signal but for some reason the low signal causes the keyboard to freeze. Unfortunately you don't know when it needs a charge, and the charger easily slips out of the port on the keyboard. It is a bit pricey too which isn't good. Mostly it is a good product but sometimes it does haveits drawbacks.

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