Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker


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This is a wireless rechargeable bluetooth speaker for iOS devices. It has really good sound quality, but is pricy compared to a lot of the bluetooth speakers on the market. It retails for $299 at most stores, but can be found at amazon for $249.99. It has six buttons on the speaker, all of which are on the top. Going from left to right, on/off just press this button and it powers the speaker on, the next button is the pairing button, hold this button for about five seconds until your iOS device sees it in the bluetooth list. Unfortunately, there's no audible feedback when the sound link is in pairing mode. The third button switches from bluetooth mode to line-in mode, Then there's a space the size of the buttons separating the left set of buttons from the right set. After the space is the mute button, which mutes the speaker, to the right of that is the volume down button, to the right of that is volume up. On the back is the port for the included AC adapter, unfortunately, you can't charge the sound link via USB, however, the wall charger is included with the speaker. To the right of the charger port is a port for an auxiliary input for non-bluetooth devices. All in all, I like the Bose sound link, I just wish it was a little bit less tricky to pair a device with it, I think it's because of the lack of audible feedback.

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