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The BOSE Sound Link Revolve+

What is it?
It’s a 360 degree drop proof and water resistant Bluetooth speaker made by BOSE. It stands 18cm in height and 10cm in width at the base. It looks like a cone with a flattened top. Sort of like a Dalek from DR Who.
It is constructed from smooth seamless Aluminium with a silicone top and bottom. Around the sides of the speaker are finely milled sound holes. The speakers come in “Triple Black” or “Lux Grey” which is a posh way of saying silver.
On this version, which is the larger brother to the cheaper and smaller Sound Link Revolve standing at 16cm in height and the same with is a nylon carrying handle. The handle is not present on the smaller brother. The battery for the Revolve+ is a stated 16 hours with the smaller Revolver’s battery standing at 12 hours. This is dependent on how loud you have the speaker set. They are both charged threw micro USB. The USB cable and an adapter for your region are also included in the box. You can also buy a charging cradle that the speakers sit on that the usb cable plugs in to. This is an extra £25 that is not a necessary buy but does make a nice home to stand the speaker on.
I have been looking at these speakers for a while and wanted to test them out as was undecided over which one to go for the smaller BOSE Revolve at ££199 or the Revolve+ at £279 here in the UK. I went to a local department store that had them on display and more importantly, let me connect my phone and do a test of my own. This also allowed me to inspect the new button layout as I couldn’t find any description online.
The sound from both of these speakers is simply excellent with a very clear tonal range. Some may find them a little Bass heavy, however where you place them in a room will affect this by either increasing the Bass by placing it near a wall or decreasing the Bass by moving it towards the middle of a room. No matter where you place it, they will sound fantastic.
I lent more towards the Revolve+ as I found this had more of a tonal range and like the fact it has a slightly longer battery life.
When looking at the speaker from the front (if a 360 degree speaker can have a front) the controls for power, volume and Bluetooth paring are located on the silicone top. They are all slightly indented making them easy to feel. The main controls are located around the top edge in a semi circle shape. With the power button on its own at the twelve o’clock position.
To navigate, if you have the speaker orientated with the power button at the twelve o’clock position facing away from you, below you will find the five control buttons. From left to right you have the Bluetooth paring button followed by the volume down button. This is followed by the play/ pause button. This button also allows you to skip forwards with two quick presses and backwords with three quick presses. It is also the only button with raised markings. They are three small dots placed closed together. The next button is the volume up and the final button is to activate your voice assistant on your phone weather it is SIRI or one of the many others available. All of the buttons are very easy to press and very tactile.
The speaker also comes with “voice prompts” this is great as it will let you know when it is ready to pare and what device it is pared to and will also let you know how much battery is left each time you turn it on.
It can be pared to two devices at one time allowing you to move from one to another with a simple press of the Bluetooth button. The speaker will also automatically connect to the last used device when you turn it on.
In conclusion, if you are looking for an accessible excellent sounding Bluetooth speaker you can’t go wrong with the Bose Revolve family of speakers. The battery life is excellent and the sound from both is simply staggering. The accessible features BOSE have included are excellent and I would not hesitate to wreck amend them to fellow blind friends.

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Submitted by gailisaiah on Monday, June 12, 2017

Hello Trilobite: Thanks so much for taking the time to review this speaker. I've always been a fan of Bose products. I will write down the name of this one and probably eventually purchase one because of your excellent review from a blind person's perspective!

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