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The Bose Sound Link Micro is Bose’s newest and smallest speaker to date. It is roughly square about 10 cm across and in height. It is about 3cm in depth. The speaker is perfectly pocketable weighing just under 300 grams. The exterior is a very soft and tough silicone rubber available in three colours. Black, Dark blue and Orange.
It has been designed to stand up to knocks and drops with it being completely waterproof for up to 30 minutes in one meter of water. It has a stated battery life of 6 hours, which for a speaker this small is very good. The battery life does depend on how loud you have whatever your listening to.
When you get the speaker it comes in the typical packaging from Bose which consists of a outer cardboard slip covering a small square box. Lifting the lid you are presented with the speaker wrapped in foam paper. Under the speaker is a moulded plastic support that hide’s the user guides and finally under this is the obligatory micro USB charging cable.
The speaker is designed to lie flat with the top housing the upward firing speaker and the main controlled buttons. The speaker grill is very tactile whereas the rest of the speaker is very, very smooth silicone. The control buttons consist of play/ pause, volume up and volume down. To skip tracks forward or back then it is either a double press or triple press of the play/pause button. This button is the only one with tactile markings on. This consists of 3 small dots in a line. The rest of the buttons are smooth but are indented so can be felt. To turn the speaker on, with the speaker grill at the bottom and the play/pause button at the 12 o’clock position. The on button is on the top edge of the speaker to the left hand side of the micro USB charging port. On the right hand side, is the Bluetooth paring button. On the back of the device is an attached silicone strap that can be unhooked so you can attach the speaker to various objects such as bag straps etc.
Let’s get round to the most important bit, the sound. Well it is surprisingly good sounding much bigger than its dimensions. Bass is superb with mids and highs again being well rounded. Clearly it does not have the room filling sound and wall shaking bass of my previously reviewed Bose Sound Link Revolve+ but for something that can fit in my pocket and is light enough to take any ware it is very, very good! This won’t be my every day speaker, that goes to my previously mentioned Bose Revolve+. For the price of £99 or £$109 it is very expensive considering the plethora of other speakers around that are cheaper or bigger. But Bose are well known for their excellent sound that comes with the “Bose tax” attached. If you are in the market for a small pocketable waterproof speaker that sounds excellent and much bigger than it looks, then consider the Bose Sound Link Micro. Happy to answer any questions.

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