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Bedphones are very flat, very thin earphones you clip to your ears. They are perfect if you want to sleep and listen to music without headphones falling off, hurting your ears, or without disturbing others in the same room. Imagine a flat metal disk, with standard headphone padding over it and very thin clips attached at the top. The clips are made of bendy wire that can conform to the shape and size of your ear. The bendy clip wire goes behind your ear and the headphone cord goes behind your back and above your head or under your pillow, ideally. Never wear the wire in front of you or you risk strangling yourself in your sleep. You don't want to go out like that. When laying on your side, the headphones are hardly felt at all because they are so flat. The sound quality is average, I would say. It is likely to clip if turned up too high, but if you're sleeping it is unlikely that you'll have them loud enough to do so. If you have little tiny ears like I do, I mean exceptionally small, the size of a child's, the bedphones may either fall out or become uncomfortable during prolonged use. I, personally, don't use them as often as I thought I wouldfor this reason. Included in the shipment of the bedphones are a storage case, a manual and a set of sleepshades, perfect if you sleep during the day or while traveling. I love the bedphones, or, rather, the idea of them. My only issue with these is that they were too bigfor my ears. The idea is that they fit inside the ear and lay flat against the hole in your ear. They fit inside that outer part of your ear and stick there. They were too big to do this with me. I thought they would just rest outside the ear, but I figured out they are meant to go inside the outer part of your ear after laying down on them for a long time and discovering they stayed in place much better this way, sounded better, and were more comfortable were it not for the extremely small size of my ears. For anyone who would like an easily portable solution to the need to sleep with sound without disturbing those around you or being embarrassed when someone comes in the room, I would strongly suggest these headphones. They were $40 when I bought them from the website. My rating would be 4.5 stars if that were an option. They really are great.

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Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, November 9, 2013

I use a pair of skull candies as my ears are a bit smallish. 'm headistent to try these out as my ears are so so small. Thanks for the review though. it was well written.

Hi. I use sleep phones. They are basically a headband made of wooly material with speakers inside. I don't sleep withthem but that's cause I don't like sleeping with things on my head. Check out more about the sleep phones hear. UK Web A dress US Web address. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, November 9, 2013

In reply to by riyu12345 (not verified)

I've heard of them, but at the cost, it's not well worth et as a friend I know says the speakers brake all the time which is not pretty.

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