Ballistic Smooth Series Case for iPhone 5

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Hello applevis forum first of all I want to share the information about the case that I got. I hope the follow description helps to you and get some idea how it looks What’s ’ in the box Ballistic Smooth Series Case for iPhone 5 16 bumpers (4 color options) Specifications Color Charcoal Material Plastic / Silicone Weight 2.40 oz / 68 g Features Interchangeable Ballistic Corners Slim design, minimal bulk Description and details This case has a particular shape, completely different from others. The Ballistic Smooth Series Case has a rectangular shape with interchangeable Ballistic Corners. This means that it comes with different colors of ballistic corners, The color that it comes in the packets is orange, light blue, grey and black, as you know the case color is charcoal. On top of the iPhone (power button) is protected with the case nut you still can feel it. From the right side is all smooth, on the buttom is open for the charger, speaker as well the jack connection. On the left size is has an open space for the vibrate button, on the back the only open space is for the camera and the rest it’s all smooth. On the front face this case is only goes around the iPhone. It doesn’t have anything to protect the screen. This case is the opposite way of auto defender it’s not that big and heavy but it really protect the phone. The interchangeable Ballistic Corners colors are really nice for the season, specially the orange one I love it, those are made of a material that is really flexible to work with it is really easy to put them on and take them out when ever you want. The material is really good you can see the quality. For all the people who like to use light things this is for you guys, the case is totally small and lighter is a great item to carry it all the time. The link below provide more info and pics if you are interested to show it up at sighted for-iPhone-5-Charcoal_p170499. html Also you can send to me any question regarding at’ If for some reason you are on some area where Amazon doesn’t offer shipping I provide some link of a company that offer worldwide shipping.

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