Anker Soundcore Life2 Over The Ear Active Noise-cancelling headphones

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I got these headphones as a backup pair of headphones in case my Bose QC35's ever broke, because it's quite noisy at my house, and noise-cancelling headphones are a must for me. Anyway, on the left ear cup, you will find two buttons, going from back to front, first is the button that you press and hold to turn active noise-cancelling (ANC) on or off. Next to that button is the power button, press and hold it to turn the headphones on. ANC will come on by default, if you don't want ANC on, just press and hold the button behind it to turn off ANC. Then, we come to the right ear cup, it contains three buttons in a row, going from front to back, if you will, there's volume down, which when pressed and held skips back a track. Then in the middle of the trio of buttons, there's the play/stop button, pressing and holding this button puts the headset into pairing mode. Also, when you press the middle button twice quickly, it toggles bass boost mode, which gives the headset extra bass, it's quite nice, although it's only available when used with bluetooth. Then all the way back is the volume up button, which skips forward a track when pressed and held. On the bottom of the right ear cup, you have the charging port and a 3.5 mm port, which means these headphones can be used as regular wired headphones, even in ANC mode. The battery life is advertised at 30 hours, I really haven't tested it, although I've used it for probably a whole day with it going down to 60, but I'm rather OCD about keeping my devices charged, so I'm probably not the best judge, lol.
I really enjoy this headset, it's obviously nowhere near the noise-cancelling caliber of the QC-35's, but it does a really good job, plus has nice sound at a way lower price.
I got mine on amazon for $80, it came with a case, a 3.5 mm cable, and a micro usb cord for charging.
It doesn't sound half bad in wired mode ether, the bass when hooked via wired connection is still reasonable, even without bass boost mode, which isn't available via wired connection.
Overall, this is a very nice headset for the price, sizewise, it's on par with the QC35, it actually kind of looks like it, even the case. So if you're on a budget that doesn't support Bose devices, but you need a set of noise-cancelling headphones, these are for you.

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Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, September 2, 2019

Soudns neat. Might get me a pair beforeI go on my next vacation. I have a pair but the cordkind of sucks and it is justplane aweful.