AirStash, USB pen drive and iPhone-iPad extra storage

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AirStash looks like a normal pendrive: rectangular shape, with a cover that must be removed from the bottom side, to reveal the USB connector, and inserted again if USB is not used. In the middle there is the button, the unique button, used to turn wi-fi mode on and off. The top side has a slot for a normal SD card, it supports classic SD cards up to 32GB, and if a micro-SD is used, the small card must be inserted into its adapter, to turn it into a SD, before inserting it into the airstash; this object does not work at all without a SD inserted! It's not a pendrive itself, but the sd stores data. This means, it can be also transported and inserted into the mac's sd reader if desired. Main features:
  • use airstash like a normal pen drive. Mac and Windows see it as a normal removable hard disk, it can be managed and ejected as usual.
  • accessed via wi-fi: if disconnected from USB, the computer can access it through wi-fi. But, the negative fact about this, is that if internet is used via wi-fi, it must be disconnected. Files can be browsed via URL, or uploaded/downloaded via webDAV client, always via URL with no user and password.
  • access stored data with iDevices, using the native AirStash+ app. In this case, the issue is also present: if you access airstash with iDevice, internet is off! because also it gives priority to wi-fi connection so if 3g is working correctly it detects it's connected via a local wi-fi network.
Note: if buying an airstash 16, 8, or 32 GB is not enough, the storage card can be changed, it supports also sdxc cards up to 2TB! This accessory has a built-in battery, so that it can work wirelessly without USB connection; airstash will be charged when reconnected to USB port on the computer, or any electric or portable recharger with USB 2.0 support. Note: when USB is connected, wireless feature automatically turns off, to turn back on when USB is disconnected.

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Submitted by Jessica Brown on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hi. I have tried the airstash app and hate it! Does anyone know if this device can be used with the app file browser? I bought that app and like it way better.

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