30 Pin Connector Carrying Strap for iPhone / iPad / iPod - Black (45cm)

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I have purchased this gadget a few weeks ago and I am very satisfied. The product price is fantastic, it cost two U.S. dollars including shipping. The seller ships the products worldwide for free. The strap also fits with Otterbox deffender case. Unfortunately, the strap is made only for 30 Pin connector I-devices. The description from the website: Color: Black Material: Plastic + silicone + aluminium alloy Type: Apple 30Pin Gadgets Compatible Models: iPad / iPhone / iPad Features: The sturdy and durable lanyard can hang the gadgets with your iPhone / iPad / iPod. OtherInstructions: 1. plug the connector into the USB port of iPhone / iPad / iPod; 2. press the chips on the both end of the connector, it will be easily pulled out from your iPhone without any damage to the port; 3.the length of the lanyard is adjustable. The website: http://dx.com/

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