Whaaaat? Using Made for iPhone hearing aids from a VoiceOver users perspe.... whaaaaat?

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In this podcast, Scott Davert shows us the features available with MFi supported hearing aids or Cochlear Implant processors from the perspective of a VoiceOver user. MFi compatible hearing aids come from many manufacturers and there are numerous models supported. You can see Apple's official support page which gives a fairly accurate account of which hearing aids have MFi support. However, this article has not been updated since October 2018, so anything newer than that will not be listed on this page.

For more general information about hearing aids from a blindness perspective, you can listen to this Accessibility Moving Forward podcast featuring some familiar voices to AppleVis.

Finally, there is a mailing list for blind hearing aid users that you can join by sending a blank email to blindhearingaidusers+subscribe@groups.io.



Submitted by Morgan Watkins on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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Another great podcast from you. Thank you, sir.

Five weeks ago, I started testing hearing aids for myself and I sure would have found this podcast handy at the time. Even now, after a lot of personal exploration, I still found the information you shared helpful and pertinent.

I believe the pair I decided to purchase will arrive this week. I do enjoy hearing so much better and am really glad that my iPhone works with them. I hope we will all see more Applevis articles and podcasts about hearing aid issues for our community.

Again, thanks for your efforts,