A Walk-Through And Demonstration Of Blindfold Wildcard For iOS

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In this podcast, AnonyMouse gives us a walk-through and demonstration of Blindfold Wildcard, an iOS variant of the game "UNO" that has been designed for rapid audio play.

Blindfold Wildcard includes several modes of play, such as discard or draw, and discard or draw until you can discard. Since there are many rule choices for the game, you can customize it for many of those rules.

Created by the authors of Blindfold Racer, Blindfold Blackjack, Blindfold Solitaire and Blindfold Video Poker, this game is fully accessible without need of VoiceOver.

Blindfold Wildcard is a free download from the iTunes App Store.

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Submitted by Brooke on Sunday, March 8, 2015

Has anyone figured out how to set gameplay so that you draw until you can discard? Right now, I can only get it to draw one card, then move on to the next player's turn. But in the app description, it seems to indicate it can be played the other way. I'm wondering if I'm somehow missing it, or it just hasn't been implemented yet.