Three Easy Ways to Learn and Use Emoji Like a Pro

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In this podcast, Thomas Domville shares some tips on using emoji on iOS.

Topics covered include enabling, accessing and using the emoji keyboard; setting VoiceOver to announce when it reads an emoji in text; and using the VoiceOver rotor and suggestions to speed up emoji selection and entry.



Submitted by Dave Nason on Sunday, April 1, 2018

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This is a great tip. The emoji rotor action in particular is something I did not realise was there until fairly recently,
It is a flawed feature for me though.
Firstly, when I tried the same sentence as Thomas it only offered me emojis for "dog" and "pizza", but not for "loves". I had to change the word "loves" to the grammatically incorrect "love" in order to be offered the heart emojis.
Secondly, and more importantly for me, is that the rotor option only appears to be available in the Messages app, but nowhere else that you type text. As someone who uses WhatsApp for 99% of my messaging, this is essentially useless. Even Apple's own Mail app does not support it.

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Sunday, April 1, 2018

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Thanks for pointing that out! Yes, this feature is exclusive for the native Message app and will not work with in any other app that I am aware of. So, I'm glad you mentioned it here so that others are aware of where you can find this feature. As for using different words. Yes, for odd reason loves does not offer any suggestion but love will. Over time I think it becomes second nature as you know what to say to have those word changed to something you want.

Submitted by venova on Saturday, April 21, 2018

If I type a word and it has an emoji icon like pizza and it only has one emoji, I am not told what emoji that will be, but I am if I actually have severaal. Any help?

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