Teach Vision Impaired Youngsters VoiceOver Skills and Concepts with the Ballyland Magic Plus app

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In this podcast, Kushal Solanki gives us a walkthrough and demonstration of Ballyland Magic Plus, and iOS app that utilizes games to teach youngsters how to use VoiceOver.

From the App Store:

Join thousands of educators around the world and give your blind or visually impaired students a head-start in using an iPad. Ballyland Magic “Plus”, like the original Ballyland Magic app, teaches young students essential skills and concepts for VoiceOver accessibility, Apple’s built-in screen reader, while they are playing a fun game! Completely re-engineered, Ballyland Magic Plus offers additional features and even more learning, as well as improved interaction. The gestures incorporated in this app are: finger drag, split-tap, double tap, single finger flick right/left, and three-finger flick right/left. The popular Tap-tap song motivates even reluctant learners to successfully master the important ‘double tap’, tapping along with the rhythm. In line with the story of the cute Ballylanders who practice their ‘magic’ tricks, your student gradually builds ‘magic’ VoiceOver finger gesture skills, leading up to the Grand Finale: the Magic Show will only go ahead if the student takes charge and effectively performs the practiced gestures – a great way for you to assess a student’s progress!




Submitted by Kushal Solanki on Sunday, January 9, 2022

Hi all.
Sorry forgot to mention on the podcast that this app does work on the iphone but it's recommended that you use this app on an ipad since the ipad has a bigger screen so it'll allow you to practice gestures like the finger drag.