Teach Vision Impaired Youngsters VoiceOver Rotor Skills and Concepts with the Ballyland Rotor app

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In this podcast, Kushal Solanki gives us a walkthrough and demonstration of Ballyland Rotor, an iOS app that utilizes stories, sounds, and songs to teach youngsters how to use the VoiceOver rotor.

From the App Store:

“Ballyland Rotor” is the sequel to the popular and acclaimed “Ballyland Magic” app. It is a fun iPad game specifically designed for children who are blind or have low vision. With a variety of stories, sounds and songs, it is both highly entertaining and educational, teaching the concept and gestures for the ‘Rotor’ in VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader for iOS Devices. In the app, Ballicopter, the little red helicopter, embarks on an amazing flight through Ballyland, and the Rotor gesture is used to change the unfolding of his engaging adventure. Ballyland Rotor not only supports children’s understanding of the concept of selecting options and settings by way of the Rotor: it also offers them a safe platform to explore and practice the different ways the Rotor gesture can be performed.