A Review of the YiKaiEn iReader SDHC SDXC Micro SD Card Reader

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In this podcast, Scott Davert reviews the YiKaiEn iReader SDHC SDXC Micro SD OTG Card Reader which permits you to access SD cards on your iOS device. This accessory is available through Amazon for $20 at the link provided above. A partial walk-through of the iDiskk Pro app, the free companion app needed for this accessory, is also provided.



Submitted by Russ Kiehne on Saturday, September 24, 2016

I bought the YiKaiEn iReader to try on my 5th generation ipod touch.

I would like to see the following added to the
YiKaiEn iReader USB SDHC SDXC Micro SD OTG Card Reader app.

When I tried to open a .zip file, nothing happened. I would like the
option to open a .zip file like the following.

dismiss pop up

AirDrop Button

Mail Button

Open in Voice Dream Button

Open in BARD Mobile Button

Open in Learning Ally Button

Quick view Button

Submitted by a woman on Friday, November 25, 2016


OK... I'd really like to be able to copy stuff from the PC to an SD card, open it on either Braille notetaker or iPhone, or create a file on the notetaker and open it on the phone, and so on – like it's demonstrated in the podcast. And since I have now done quite a bit of research but haven't really found answers to these questions, I thought I'd ask here; I'll try to keep it brief:

* What if you have an SD card with many folders with files already on it? What happens to the folders/files? Are they all displayed normally in the iDiskk Pro app?
* Does the iDiskk Pro app support .mp4? And does it support .doc and .docx?
* Can you copy a file created with the Voice Memos app/.m4a files from the iPhone to the iDiskk Pro app?
* Can you create files with KNFB Reader and then, instead of exporting them to some 'cloud service' like DropBox, copy them to the iDiskk Pro app/SD card?
* Is it true that such devices drain the iPhone's battery?
* This particular product does not seem to be available on Amazon where I am. Can yu recommend another similar product that also uses iDiskk Pro, and has a slot for
SDHC cards, not just micro SD (or perhaps a FlashDrive that would work with a Braille Notetaker)?

Thanks so much.