Making it Simple and Easy with Telegram with the Bright Guide messenger for iOS

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Do you find that the Telegram app for iOS is hard to use? Tired of trying to find workarounds to make things work as they should. If so, listen in as Thomas Domville gives us a review of the Bright Guide app which makes using Telegram easier and simple to use. Bright Guide is a convenient messenger designed specifically for blind people and working with the VoiceOver screen access program. The Bright Guide application allows you to send text and voice messages, images and documents, as well as subscribe to popular channels in Telegram.

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Submitted by DavidAnkers on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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I have just installed Bright Guide on my phone and IPad, however it doesn’t seem to be available to use on my IPad, which is a shame as I prefer to use my Logitech keyboard instead of on screen keyboards. Also I believe double tapping the screen with two fingers is supposed to operate the back button, it doesn’t work for me and in the podcast it wasn’t used.