It takes a gamer to raise a community: a walk-through of Knight Commander for iOS

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In this podcast, Ida Grace shows us the game Knight Commander. This game is a $1.99 purchase in the US App Store and features fully accessible game play for VoiceOver users where you can build a village and run it. Is that not detailed enough of a description? Tune in to this AppleVis podcast to learn more.



Submitted by venova on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Mana is to be able to cast spells in the shop. I do believe they are ressurection, wich takes someone out of hospital, alchemy, wich turns stone into gold and creation wich is creates a random item.
Nice work on the podcast, Ida.

Submitted by Ornella on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

ice podcast. I enjoyed it. Ad since I have the natural disasters off I am progressing well in the game with out having to worry about what will happen. Maybe I might turn it on when I build the bell tower.