An Introduction To The Calendar Application On macOS

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In this podcast, Alex Hall gives us an introduction to using the macOS Calendar with VoiceOver.

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Submitted by Marc on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thank you for the excellent podcast on the calendar app. I have questions that I cannot quite figure out.

1. When creating a new calendar event, what is the very last step? Am I supposed to VO space bar on the show button? Or just press enter? I missed that in the podcast.
2. I cannot seem to invite people to share the calendar event when creating an event on my Yahoo calendar in the app. Does this mean that Yahoo simply does not support this feature? When creating an event on my “home” calender under iCloud, it appears to work fine.
3. I am trying to edit an event that I created but the date and time are greyed out. How can I edit the event? Command I also had the date and time greyed out. Do I need to delete and re-create the event?
4. I notice that Command E to edit an event does not always pull up the event that the VoiceOver cursor is sitting on. I tried routing keyboard cursor to VoiceOver cursor but that did not seem to do the trick. Any thoughts on how to ensure the correct event is popping up?