An Introduction and Overview of BlindSquare (updated)

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IN this podcast, Sandra demonstrates the basic features of BlindSquare and takes us for a short bus ride in London to show off what the app does while in a moving vehicle. Simulation mode, the ability to export what you're doing to 3rd party apps, and several other topics are covered. BlindSquare is a <a href="…; $29.95 purchase from the iTunes App Store</a>

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Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First of all give thanks to Sandra for having made a new update of the podcast and as it has always done a good job.
Just what I see a small observation at the moment when talk about
Third party apps
especially when:
plan a route
using google maps
This small observation could be helpful for all users because it provide more details in the description, I been using this feature over a year is not new.
I have no idea when you recorded this podcast but obviously if look at what has not updated google maps so far up today.
I do not know if google maps provide more description according at region location or something like that.
Okay lets move where you can find more details when you plan a route.
after been selected google maps as navigation to create a route
inside google maps on the window where you can select few options
as driving mode
Transit mode
walking mode etcetera
on the bottom of the screen where gives the options list
select one of those
on the new window that will be called
Overflow Menu
will show some options
move to my location button
Start button
and the last option will announce the estimated time, distance follow for the via route
selecting this option will give all description just in one screen

Sandra has selected
previous button
and then swiping each time to see the next instruction

Submitted by Ekaj on Friday, June 23, 2017

Hello and thanks for this excellent demo of Blindsquare. This app sounds like the perfect one for me when I get an iPhone. My independent travel skills are now somewhat lacking. Thanks again.