Inquisitor's Heartbeat: Pit Yourself Against the Brutality of The Inquisition in This New iOS Audio Game

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In this podcast, Khalfan Bin Dhaher gives us a demonstration of Inquisitor's Heartbeat for iOS, an audio game that catapults the player right into the 1300s at the height of the brutal Inquisition.

Accused of heresy for being in possession of a forbidden book, Nicholas Eymerich, the game’s main character is imprisoned in the dungeon of a castle: he must escape from his cell and retrieve the precious book that has been stolen from him, before it is taken to the monastery beyond the forest and destroyed forever.

In more than 6 hours of gameplay, the player has to find his way through 35 labyrinthine levels divided into 7 different settings, without being spotted by guards and ferocious beasts, trusting only his own ears.

There is also an ‘endless’ game mode, where the mazes are generated one after the other, always with a different map.

Inquisitor's Heartbeat is available from the iTunes App Store for $16.99.

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