Immerse Yourself in the Deep Web to Investigate Cyber Crime in GoldGun for iOS

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In this podcast, Thomas Domville introduces us to GoldGun, a recently released audio game for iOS where you play the adventures of Soren, a police officer investigating cybercriminal activity in the deep web.

Description from the App Store:

The game is presented in a cinematic like experience and it is delivered through seven episodes, in a format similar to TV series. Each episode is launched every two or three months. The first episode (launch date 31st January 2019) is completely free, so everybody can play and enjoy it. The sounds in the game are implemented using 3D-audio in order to provide an immersive experience and playing with headphones is highly recommended. The game mechanics include the use of the gyroscope (tilt the phone to move) and tactile interface (swipe and tap actions to interact with objects).

The story is presented like a single-player narrative, with extensive voice acting and no use of voice-over software. Each episode includes a series of minigames, which grow in length and complexity as the story deepens and progresses in the future episodes.

GoldGun is available as a free download from the App Store.