I Can Feel it: An Overview of Using Braille Displays with iOS Devices

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In this update to his previous podcast on this topic, Scott Davert gives us some general information about braille displays as they relate to their use with iOS devices. He then talks about and demonstrates the pairing of a braille device; iOS options and settings; navigational commands, text input; and how to get additional help. Links mentioned in the podcast include Our accessory reviews section for braille displays, our guide to the Status Cell our podcast on braille screen input, and Apple's List of Common braille commands for VoiceOver navigation using iPhone, iPad, and iPod

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Submitted by TJT 2001 on Friday, February 5, 2016

I have noticed that when a braille keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard is connected, the on-screen keyboard disappears, but when no keyboard is connected, it does not reappear. To make it reappear, turn off VoiceOver, tap on the text field, and then switch VoiceOver on again. I think that this is a quite annoying bug.