How to Receive Rain, Snow, and Hail Alerts From the iOS Weather App

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In this podcast from his series looking at some of what's new and notable in iOS 15, Thomas Domville shows us how to configure precipitation alerts in the iOS Weather app.

In Apple's heavily revamped Weather app, you can now choose to receive notifications that will alert you when it's going to rain, snow, or hail in the next hour in your current location, or other locations that you've added to the app.

Note that according to Apple's iOS 15 preview page,next-hour precipitation notifications are currently only available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.



Submitted by Jo Billard on Sunday, September 19, 2021

From your notes, it doesn't seem to be available in Canada. I can't imagine why, if it's available in the UK. Anyway, I hope it comes to us soon, because I'd love to try it out. Like I need another weather app's notifications! :)

I can't add any location other than my current one. The app says it isn't available , but it's listed on the main page along with the weather, but I can't add it to my notifications.

Hi Jo. I'm a little confused about what you are saying. Are you saying that you don't see the location in your locations list, or are you saying you don't see it in the notifications section? I just tried adding a new location to see what would happen. After hitting the add button I had to choose one of my locations and when I got on the screen of that location I was able to see the new location in my locations list. To make this a little clearer I had to go back to a previously added location before I saw the new one in my locations list or before I saw it in the notifications area.

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