Glide For iOS: Live Video Messaging, Chat & Text

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In this podcast, Juan Alicea gives us a walk-through of Glide - Live Video Messaging, Chat & Text.

This free iOS app allows you to send and receive video messages. What makes Glide different to most other similar services, is that it offers the ability to watch videos live as they're being recorded, meaning that you can show people exactly what you’re doing right now with videos up to 5 minutes long. Of course, video messages can also be sent for later viewing, either to a single person or shared with groups of up to 50 people.

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Submitted by Zay on Friday, March 27, 2015

It would seem that video messages disappear once the user plays them, that at least on my end is incorrect. Try this. Find a plays video dimmed button, lift your finger, tripple click VO off, then put your finger down where you last saw the button. It will play. This seems to be more a misreporting of the buttons to VO.