Get OCR Results On The Go With Prizmo Go

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In this podcast, Thomas Domville gives us a demonstration of Prizmo Go - Instant Text Capture, an iOS app (free with in-app purchases) which allows one to quickly and easily scan printed text and have it read aloud. From the App Store:

Aim at text. Shoot. It's yours! Prizmo Go lets you quickly grab printed text with the camera. After text is recognized in a blink of an eye, you can interact with it in many useful ways. Or just send it to other apps. And if you've got a Mac, you can even copy/paste it there (*). No more retyping. Feels like magic, just at your finger tips.

Additionally, Prizmo Go provides rich interactions with the captured text. After shooting, text from the original picture is revealed, and swiping through it allows fast and accurate text selection directly from the image. Selected text can then be read aloud, or you can tap to browse to any printed website address, call phone numbers, trigger Mail app from an email address, or even reveal physical address in Apple Maps and initiate navigation to that place.

Prizmo Go comes with enhancements specifically built for VoiceOver, in addition to spoken guidance prior to shooting. That, combined with its text-to-speech capabilities, make it a great companion in case you need help reading printed documents.



Submitted by Fritz on Monday, May 8, 2017


Thanks for your great Podcast. You did a wonderful job of describing the Prizmo Go App. I am a happy KnfbReader user and I tried Prizmo Go a couple of days ago and I was slightly disappointed. In my opinion (testing) KnfbReader did a better job and I uninstalled Prizmo Go after that. I spotted your Podcast and decided to listen. Glad I did. The way you presented and explained everything, especially the tip with the height of the device in conjunction with ocr results was great. Your other tip about using landscape for business cards was also helpful. Anyhow, after listening to your podcast I was greatly motivated to give the app an other try. What can I say, It's better than I thought. In my opinion KnfbReader is still somewhat better when it comes down to non cloud ocr, but maybe it's just a matter of practice or the recognition language I'm using, my native is German. It seems both Apps have their strengths and weaknesses. I'll be keeping Prizmo Go and somehow I have the feeling that I will end up using both apps, depending on the object I'm scanning. For example, KnfbReader for private things that I don't want in the cloud, and Prizmo Go for things that that can go through cloud ocr. Either way I learned alot, Thanks. Once again, great Podcast. Have a great day,


Ps. To all KnfbReader fans give Prizmo Go a fair chance. Who knows where KnfbReader will go or stay, a good alternative is always a good thing.

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Hello Fritz,

Thanks so much for the kind words. I am glad that the podcast was helpful and the tips were useful for you. Like you I tend to agree that both present pros and cons. Also, like you I agree that the KNFBReader does slightly better on the accuracy but just for using something quickly and easy the Prizmo Go does an excellent job. It is wonderful and very easy on the wallet.

Thanks so much for leaving a comment of your thoughts and sharing your experience!
- Thomas

Submitted by melissaperkins10 (not verified) on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hi Applevis.
Can you do a podcast on Burn(t)