Game Review: BlackBox for iOS

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In this podcast, Thomas Domville demonstrates BlackBox, a game filled with many unique puzzles.

App Store Description:

Frustrating, fun, and full of surprises… There’s more to Blackbox than meets the eye. Can you find all the meta challenges?

HINTS: Every challenge has been tuned to be on the cusp of maddening but always solvable. Some challenges take time, perseverance, and perspective to understand, but if you’re really stumped rest assured there are hints. To enjoy the game to it’s fullest, only use them as a last resort!

LEVEL PACKS: Blackbox is jam-packed with 50 free challenges. Get far enough and you'll get the option to pay to unlock more advanced challenges and support the game's future development (and keep it ad free)!



Submitted by Teresa on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I love head-scratchers! That was a great review. It's definitely unique, and I've gotten several of the puzzles, which is great, considering that my iPhone 4S is not playing nice with it. I get lots of reverb on Voiceover. Let's hope it's a glitch, so I can play more easily.