Experience the Thrill of Speed and Reckless Driving with Audio Rally Racing for iOS

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In this podcast, Khalfan Bin Dhaher introduces us to Audio Rally Racing, a newly released iOS game in which you can experience the thrill of speed and reckless driving on country roads and city streets. First you choose a car, then you can start competing in the various races and circuits available.

Audio Rally Racing is a US$14.99 download from the iTunes App Store

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Submitted by Gus Pacleb on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hi Calvin,
I noticed that in the podcast your car went over the holes in the road. Doing this will damage your car, therefore, you will need to steer your car away from the middle to avoid the holes. What I do is when the navigator says "Hole in the middle," then when he says "Go," I steer my car either direction until I hear the beeping that indicates that I'm on the side of the road. When the navigator says "Ok," I move back to the center of the road.
I hope this makes sense and you understand what I'm talking about.
Happy racing!