Easily Take Selfies with SelfieX for iOS

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In this podcast, Lulu Hartgen gives us a demonstration of SelfieX - Automatic Back Camera Selfie, an app which assists users in easily taking a selfie by giving audio directions to angle the camera and automatically taking a picture when the angle is ideal. As defined by Wictionary, a selfie is "A photographic self-portrait, especially one taken manually (not using a timer, tripod etc.) with a small camera or mobile phone."

In addition to demonstrating the process of taking a selfie and the various voices available, Hartgen also gives some tips for holding one's iPhone in order to get the perfect camera angle.

While SelfieX has some accessibility issues, the actual process of taking and sharing a selfie with the app is accessible using VoiceOver.

SelfieX is a US$0.99 download from the App Store.

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