Color Recognition Apps: Part 2 - ColoredEye

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In the second of two podcasts dedicated to color recognition apps, AnonyMouse gives us a walk-through and demonstration of ColoredEye. This iOS app uses the camera on your iDevice to deliver real-time color recognition.

One neat feature of this app is that it allows you to switch between three color databases:

  • Basic - 16 fundamental colors (purple, green, blue, etc)
  • Crayola - 134 fun pigments (burnt sienna, piggy pink, turquoise, etc)
  • Detailed - 134 descriptive colors (dim gray, dark slate gray, gray, etc)

The app is free, but has an in-app option to remove the embedded adverts for 99 cents.

You can listen to the first of AnonyMouse's podcasts on color recognition apps here.

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