Clubhouse on iOS for Beginners

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Clubhouse is a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations—with friends and other interesting people around the world. Go online anytime to chat with the people you follow or hop in as a listener and hear what others are talking about. Listen in as Thomas Domville guide us through in this in-depth podcast on Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat for iOS.

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat on the App Store



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Monday, July 19, 2021

Hi, Thomas!

I've been hearing about this app for quite a while now, and it sounds like something I might want to try out.

I do have one question though. I do not have a cell phone, therefore, I don't have a phone # to get invites, register, etcI do have 1 of those apps that gives you a phone number, but it doesn't seem to want to work with it. My question is, is there another way that I can sign up, or register? Thank you, and I can't wait to hopefully give this app a try! I'd appreciate any suggestions you have.

Submitted by Siobhan on Monday, July 19, 2021

I am pretty sure that for now, that's the only way. I know the developers will revisit this. Also if anyone wants an invite contact me. I have five.

Ok. Thanks. Let's hope they do. Because I know I'm a minority, but I really do not have a cell phone.
I think this app would be something I'd love and enjoy. So, I really hope that the devs will eventually allow you to join with your email address, for instance.

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Monday, July 19, 2021

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Hi there! As mentioned by Siobhan. Indeed at this time you must have a valid phone number to use the Clubhouse. It is plausible to obtain something like Google Voice here in the state that is free and offers that would work on the Clubhouse.

- AnonyMouse

Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Monday, August 16, 2021

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Hi, Thomas!

I finally got my Talkatone phone number to work with Clubhouse! They just had to call me instead of text me for some reason. But, I'm finally in! :-)
I've been listening to your podcast and, it looks like something I'd have fun using! I'm finding it very informative. And, I can't wait until you do more podcasts on Clubhouse! But, I'm listening to it at night. All I can say is, Thank you doing a podcast on this! Also, I'm finding it very informative, and insightful! I hope I get to come to one of your AppleVis meetings soon! :-)

Right now, I'm just listening to your podcast, and just exploring. In other words, I'm just dipping my toes in, and testing the waters. :-)