Capti Narrator for iOS: Listen to Everything That you Want to Read

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In this podcast, Thomas Domville gives us a walk-through and demonstration of Capti Narrator, a free iOS app that will convert nearly any text content to audiobooks.

Capti supports multiple file types, including PDF, DOC, PPT, EPUB and RTF files, with support for adding content from browsers, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Bookshare, or Gutenberg.

Free Features:

  • Text to Speech: Turn any text into an audiobook; listen hands-free and eyes-free
  • Save for Later: Save documents and web articles for later in your Playlist and access it even offline; synchronize your Playlist and your reading position across all your devices
  • Sophisticated Navigation: Jump to the next/previous word, sentence, paragraph, heading, or page
  • Screen-Reader Support: Extensively customized for VoiceOver

Premium Plan Features:

  • Full-text search of your Playlist: The search algorithm is intelligent, and will guess the best matching tracks even when the exact match cannot be found
  • Store and view images with text: In tracks created from EPUB, PDF, or DOC(X) documents you will be able to see both text and images
  • File Size Limit: Add documents and books that are up to 100MB in size; default limit is 10MB
  • Word Translation: Right-click any word in the track to translate the word to your language (available on Windows and Mac only)
  • Create Playlists: Stay organized by saving tracks into different playlists.

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Submitted by wikan on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

i wonder, how do you purchase a voice after it has expired? cause it will only let me play the voice.

Submitted by Ekaj on Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thank you for this great walkthrough. I don't currently have this app, but after listening to your demo and reading about the app here and in this month's issue of "Accessworld" I'm sold. One feature that will especially come in handy for me is the reading of .pdf files, as I've encountered more than a few of these. Edit: I have still not quite figured out how to use this app, but I just downloaded your audio walkthrough onto a thumb drive for later listening.

Submitted by solan on Thursday, January 4, 2018

is it this app work in Malaysia? If anyone know, please. let me know. thank you.