The Blind Swordsman; a Self-Voicing Audio Game for Mac OS X

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In this podcast, Khalfan Bin Dhaher gives us a walk-through and demonstration of The Blind Swordsman, a self-voicing audio game for OS X.

As the title suggests, you are a swordsman who lost his sight. The only person who can give it back to you is a warlock, who ives at the end of a particularly dangerous path. So, your goal is to get to the warlock and defend yourself on the way.

The game has a story and an endless survival mode and quite a few achievements to unlocked, so there’s quite a bit of replay value.

The Blind Swordsman is a free download from the Evil-Dog Productions website.

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Submitted by Austin Nix on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sadly, this game can't be run in High Sierra. at least I haven't figured out how since there's no way to allow apps to run that are published by just anyone.;