Baby Adopter Galaxy for iOS: Take Care of Your Virtual Baby While On a Space Travel

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In this podcast, Ida Grace introduces us to Baby Adopter Galaxy for iOS, a new role playing fantastic babysitting game in Baby Adopter family of games. Set in the interstellar travel environment, where babies and their parents are traveling on a spaceship, the mission is to have a safe travel and take care of your child. The voyage, fantastic spaceship and planet locations environment add to the experience of taking care of your little kids. Baby Adopter Galaxy is a babysitting, nursery and dress up game by x2line set in the interstellar travel environment for people who like fantasy traveling and like to take care of children. Baby Adopter Galaxy on the AppĀ Store:



Submitted by venova on Friday, October 5, 2018

This is an excelent podcast. The planet match game is the same as egg match in other games wich means it is not accessible at all. You can see stats but you cannot see anything else.

Submitted by slj on Friday, October 5, 2018

Nice podcast indeed. Have you contacted the developer to ask if the planet match game is ment not to be accessible? In the description of the app, it says the app is accessible with Voiceover and Talkback. So the Planet Match should be accessible as well. It would be great to get that confirmed by the developer.